True Nature Graduate Testimony

Our inspiring community is the reason we exist. Here are some comments from our graduates.

"“I absolutely loved this program. The YTT deepened my personal practice and my entire view of life. This program was honestly a blessing in my life and I love the connection I was able to make with everyone in the class. I also enjoyed touching on so many aspects of the yogic philosophy, including chakras and ayurveda, as well as, all the specialty areas of yoga like prenatal, kids, senior, chair, gentle, etc. I feel we received a very thorough and inclusive training program.”

– Krysten N.

"The True Nature YTT program completely changed my life. It deepened my physical practice but more importantly my spiritual practice. Yoga used to be just a thing I did for 30-45 minutes a day, now it's the way I live. The program taught me how to feel more confident in my body and in my knowledge of Yoga. As a result I feel ready to teach." 

- Becca W.

"This program has been the best investment of my money, time and energy. The True Nature YTT program helped me on the path of self discovery, taught timeless wisdom, and empowered me to stay on the path of perpetual learning. I became more aware of my own breath, found my voice and opened my heart and mind to new experiences and people. It helped me to overcome my fears and gave me tools to stay balanced, more positive and healthy."

- Kasia T.

"Keep doing what you are doing! I was nervous to take the leap and sign up but it was such a good decision and has impacted me in so many positive ways. Danielle and Melanie provide a safe and nurturing space to learn and grow."

- Sarah G.

“The YTT program has been an amazing journey about keeping the total body happy – not only the physical, but the mental, spiritual and personal bodies as well. I feel I have found a more important purpose in life. . . the program has created a deep sense of purpose and peace within me.”

– Kanoe H.

"Amazing! I can't say anything else. Amazing! I loved everything about the experience and I learned so much about myself. I can't accurately express how much gratitude I have for this training and my new ohana!"

- Missy P.

"I loved Danielle's deep knowledge of Yoga, Melanie's passion for Anatomy and Leslie's session on Ethics. I appreciated the historical aspects of this program and how the historical ties in seamlessly with modern day. I loved my classmates. We formed a very cohesive, supportive group.

- Erin E.

"Phenomenal information and curriculum. I loved discovering many ways to slow down and observe myself. My stress and anxiety subsided enough for me to finally begin to practice meditation every day which has completely changed my life. Thank you for giving me tools to empower myself and be openly loving again. This program showed me how to use my gifts and give back."

Kimmy E.

“After waiting for seven years to continue my training at the 500 hour level, I can tell you, it was worth the wait.  The True Nature YTT program was everything I was searching for and more.  The program director/lead instructor’s depth of knowledge was nothing less than inspiring and motivating.  Danielle has a way of bringing everyone together in a competition free and nurturing environment.  Additionally, I was amazed at the list of guest speakers that I would not otherwise have an opportunity to experience.  The materials enhanced the journey and have become a permanent part of my personal library.  I am grateful I found the True Nature YTT Program and would highly recommend it with no reservations.” 

– Leslie D.


“My teaching has blossomed immensely in so many ways. I am confident, relaxed, and truly feel I am connecting with my students on multiple levels. My increased awareness of alignment, potential for injury, and modifications and adjustments has prepared me to work with all levels of students with the confidence that I can keep them safe as they explore their yoga practice. I would encourage anyone ready to take their teaching and personal practice to a much deeper level to strongly consider True Nature School of Yoga!” 

– Mary B.

“The YTT program provided a perfect immersion and solid foundation in all aspects of Yoga. This program has given me the confidence and inspiration to spread the gift of Yoga. There is so much to gain from participating in this program. The asana charts, apprenticeship, practice teaching, reference books, the discussions of philosophy and living your Yoga off the mat were all great. The guest speakers were extremely knowledgeable and so willing to pass on their wisdom. Danielle, your organizational structure is perfect and your enthusiasm for living Yoga is so inspirational and contagious. I can’t say enough about this wonderful experience you have set up for us. I have been personally transformed in this program and am excited to embrace every experience I can to know more about Yoga and therefore myself.” 

– Andrea G.

“Danielle is an excellent teacher. She took a lot of time and very patiently explained everything. I am so happy with the YTT program that I did not want it to end. I would recommend the program to anybody who wants to attend Yoga Teacher Training.”

– Pinush C.

 “I had taken other YTT classes prior to taking True Nature’s teacher training, but I hadn’t taught until graduating from True Nature YTT because I didn’t feel fully prepared. I began teaching the month after graduating and continue to teach on a weekly basis. Danielle’s instruction focuses on each student’s personal and professional development as a yoga practitioner and yoga instructor. I truly respect the way she “walks the talk” as a yogini and her willingness to share her humanness and continuing evolution with her students – She is completely accessible as a yoga teacher and a person. The sense of community that evolved during the training and my deep appreciation for each individual who traveled the YTT journey with me was profound. Months after the training, we continue to gather for fun, friendship, and the opportunity to continue to learn from one another.” 

– Donna D.

“The YTT program is absolutley amazing! It touched and changed my world. I’m grateful to be a part of this amazing journey and it was an honor to have Danielle and Melanie be the guiding lights.”

– Tamara M.

“The True Nature YTT program gave me a large base of knowledge of yoga poses, philosophy and history, which makes me feel truly qualified to teach it to others. I have a much deeper understanding of alignment in asana, when to do them and in what order, and more importantly, the reason why we do asanas and the philosophy that supports it. The reading assignments were wonderful. I never thought “I’m not going to use this” and I didn’t get bored with it either. The wonderful community we built as a group supported my personal growth. While I always had a passion for Yoga, the YTT program gave me a constructive, solid way to progress and learn more. Danielle is an awesome leader, organizer and teacher.” 

– Mary F.

“The 7 day Immersion was amazing and a great way to dive into yoga. This program taught me how to properly instruct students in coming in and out of poses. I now feel confident to teach others and pass on my knowledge.”

– Hanqing P.

“The highlights of the program for me were meeting new friends with a common interest, exploring my spiritual beliefs and becoming more prepared to teach yoga effectively. This was such a great experience for me. I struggle with the abstract ideas of spirituality but you answered my many questions so completely and in a way I could understand. I’ve learned a lot about myself. Thank you so much!”

– Courtney M.

“I learned so much in this program, much more than I ever expected. Being a part of the True Nature YTT has enhanced my life overall. Learning the Yoga Sutras has given me new tools to meet the challenges of my everyday life. It has also brought me a new appreciation of my own faith. Being a part of this program has taught me to look at life through new eyes. My yoga practice has now gone beyond just the asanas. I had such a great time being a part of this program. I am sad to see it end, but also excited to get started on my new venture into sharing yoga with others. The highlight of the program was relationships I developed with my fellow students. These ladies will be in my heart forever and my friends for life. I feel so very well prepared and ready to teach yoga. Danielle provided a well-rounded program that covered all aspects of the yoga tradition. I am ready to share my knowledge of yoga with others with confidence.” 

– Angie M.

“On the first day of class I was delighted with the attractive tote bags and notebooks awaiting us. All the written material we received was well designed and informative. I was totally impressed with Danielle’s teaching style. She has a thorough knowledge of the material she is introducing and an easy, confident manner of presenting it. I thought bringing in other teachers to present the various aspects of the program made the classes especially interesting. Our “field trip” day was filled with adventure, fun and learning. I truly enjoyed coming to know the other students in our group. For me, as a “senior,” being with younger women was quite pleasurable. Through all the lectures, readings, discussions, class observations of teachers and personal class participation, the various aspects of yoga were gradually absorbed. While I still have much to learn, I feel confident I have enough knowledge to begin teaching.” 

– Reva B.

“The YTT program boosted my creativity, imagination and led me to painting chakras and better spiritual pictures. I was always a high energy person, but this program channeled my energy in the right direction. I see more clearly what I want to dedicate my life to. It is teaching people how to heal, to grow with the yamas and niyamas, and become physically stronger. The program gave me the right tools to inspire people for their personal growth and how to embrace the world with love.” 

– Larisa O.

“I started the program hoping to learn how to teach Yoga to small children. After attending the Kids’ Yoga seminar I felt inspired and motivated to learn even more about teaching children. A beautiful thing happened, however. Throughout the program I also learned how to teach a variety of other class formats. Observing the sequencing of gentle, therapeutic, children’s, introduction, and intermediate classes gave me the tools and knowledge to write my own class outlines to use when I teach. Whether you are interested in specializing in a particular area of Yoga or teaching an array of different classes, the True Nature YTT offers you the instruction to go and make a difference on this planet. Most importantly, I cherished the camaraderie that grew between the teacher trainees. We became a family and I know that the deep connection we now share will remain strong for many years to come. Danielle, your program was outstanding. Thank you for allowing us to learn and grow in such a nurturing and safe environment. Thank you for your patience, organization, and balanced guidance. My dream is to some day be as inspiring a teacher as you are.” 

– Evelyn W.

“The True Nature YTT program deepened my personal practice of Yoga on so many levels and I feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to enroll in this program. It strengthened my practice on a physical level and provided the foundation for learning and understanding asanas. Throughout the program, my spirituality has grown to a profound awareness and will continue to flourish. A bonus in the True Nature YTT program is the guest instructors who present in a particular topic of expertise. I found Ayurveda extremely fascinating and intend to explore this practice further. The amount of time spent observing classes has been a powerful tool in that it reinforced how to design a class and the appropriate poses to teach students with different levels of experience. This program has inspired me to continue learning about what life has to offer and how I can be a part of the amazing teachings of Yoga. The program Danielle has put together is something I wish the world could experience. There were so many opportunities to meet people “from many walks of life” which truly completes the YTT program.” 

– Jennifer B.

“I began my training at True Nature School of Yoga because I wanted to deepen my practice. What I actually gained was so much more than I even hoped for. Danielle instantly created an environment where all of us trainees could bond and grow as a community as well as individuals. Her passion and enthusiasm for yoga is wonderfully inspiring to yogis of any level. Throughout the program we learned to bring out the inner teacher in ourselves as well as in our future students. I feel that what I learned about the true meaning of yoga will always be a part of my daily life on and off the mat, and it gives me the tools to always try to be a better person.” 

– Melanie W.

“I signed up for the Teacher Training Program with the intent of deepening my personal practice and learning more of the physiological and philosophical aspects of Yoga. I wanted to know why I felt so good after a class. My physical practice has been deeply transformed. I now have an arsenal of modifications for postures to fit me and my anatomy. Any frustration I used to feel in different Asanas has been alleviated by understanding how my body works in Yoga. It’s incredible how much this training has transformed my life, from my personal practice, to the bonds of friendship with my classmates. We get together regularly to keep the energy flowing. It is for me a real sense of community, which is something I’ve been searching for since the day I moved to California. Along the way, this journey took me to a new realm of possibilities that I had never imagined I would discover. It was during my training that I answered the age old question, “Why are we here?” The answer, for me, is to help others discover their true nature. This is why I decided to start a non-profit organization to help people in recovery programs, through Yoga and Meditation. It’s a long process and a whole new journey, but one that’s worth taking on. And the reason why I feel so good after class? I’ve discovered it is because of the balance created between the union of relaxation and effort. This is something I could never put into words until after my training. Danielle had a vision, and has made it come true for herself, and through that made some of my visions come to life. She is truly a Guru in every sense of the word. I quietly thank her every time I step on my mat, and every time I sit in silence, bringing myself back to my own True Nature.” 

– Jon M.