When your journey leads you to a place where you are contemplating a Yoga teaching vocation, you are considering a very important and valuable role in society. Becoming a yoga teacher is an honored tradition passed down through thousands of years. Now more than ever, we modern practitioners can receive incredible value from the time tested benefits of Yoga. At True Nature School of Yoga, we train teachers to provide intelligent instruction and sequencing, express the teachings from their own personal practice, and to remain inspired while on this path of service and love.

We offer two different training programs. The place to start is with the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program. This program gives you a solid foundation for deepening your personal practice and getting you started teaching classes. Even if you have no intention to teach Yoga this program will transform your experience with your body, enlighten your mind to unique possibilities and open your heart to the higher vibrations of acceptance and loving kindness. For more details click here.

Upon completion of the 200 Hour program you are eligible to participate on the 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training. This program will enhance your knowledge of the texts from which Yoga is based, energize your personal practice and increase your ability to teach to people with special needs and in special topic areas. This unique program has open enrollment and is offered in a go at your own pace format. You may begin at any time with any course. For more details click here.

Please call us at 760-458-4517 or email info@truenatureyoga.com with any questions!